The Many Flavors Of LaBelle

Decisions, decisions...

All cheeses are available in 8-ounce wedges. Click the WHERE TO FIND US link for retail outlets and restaurants where you can find LaBelle, as well as farmer's markets where you can meet us in person.

Original LaBelle
The great flavor of LaBelle.

LaBelle with Fenugreek 
Fenugreek seeds are a common ingredient in Indian cooking. They have a distinctively sweet, nutty flavor, with a touch of maple. The play of flavors between the subtle sweetness of the fenugreek and the savory tang of LaBelle is something pretty special, and the seeds add an enjoyable crunch to the mellow texture of the cheese. We could point out that in some cultures, fenugreek is also considered an aphrodisiac...not that the flavor alone isn't reason enough to try it!

LaBelle with Green Olives
If your taste runs to salty instead of sweet, this is the choice for you. The mix of green olives plays up the earthiness of LaBelle. This variety is particularly good in sandwiches and cold platters, and is currently the fan favorite of our "specialty" cheeses.

Hickory Smoked LaBelle
If we may say so ourselves...holy smokes! The newest member of the LaBelle family is a true smoked cheese, NOT a cheese with smoke flavor injected into the mix (the less said about those cheeses, the better). Properly aged wheels of Original Labelles make their way to a smokehouse operated by Glenn's Market and Catering in Watertown. Click here to visit their website. There, they are gently smoked for 8 hours over natural hickory wood chips. Glenn Roberts, the owner, monitors the smoking process throughout. Put this on your next burger and then just TRY and go back to your old cheese. We dare you.